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Malhar Single Estate Coffee presents a premium grade Arabica cultivated under tropical shade on select estates of Coorg district, Karnataka, and roasted to a Full City Plus (deep roast) to enhance its lovely chocolate and caramel flavours.

Limited crop roasts


Malakodu by Karna 200gms Rs 280/-

A signature blend of Arabica and Robusta cherry, picked ripe, and sundried to perfection, our master harvester's hand-roasted blend retains notes of sweet nut and lush tropical berries, finished with a decadent dark chocolate overtone.   

Visit us at our estate.

Visiting Coorg? Join us for a day at our estate and experience what goes on behind making your coffee.

For more than half a century, Malakodu Estate has been producing noted coffees, the traditional way. . We blend traditional plantation skills with modern roasting techniques for our distinctive small-batch coffee labels. Perhaps giving this farm the distinction of being one of the few coffee plantations in India where you can witness the complete coffee cycle - from Seed to Cup. If you are in Coorg on a hoilday Join us and share our love for the land and roast a bunch of beans customized to your palate.


"Its one of the finest coffees i have had...yum n most refreshing beginning to the day. And i esp. love the fact its exclusively roasted for you, makes it even more special. Highly recommend it."

- Akanksha D

"Fantastic coffee with a personal touch. Never knew coffee could taste this good."

- Prravish K

"Brilliant roast! Finest coffee... and I love the exclusivity! For real coffee lovers.. the ones who know the difference between nes-coffee and coffee!"

- Padi M

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